Winter Wedding Inspiration

As we continue with our cabin fever due to snow storm Jonas, I was either going to strangle both kids or sit with a nice candle and look up pretty winter wedding ideas. I love winter weddings, so classic and elegant with colors all in white and pale colors; it’s definitely one of my most […]

Light Bulb Cake Topper

Whole New Meaning To Light Of My Life…

As some may know, I love a good cake topper. I love the cake toppers that are truly unique and just describe the couple. But I also love something as simple as “Mr and Mrs” to a kissing coupleĀ and even phrases like “Eat Me“. I came across this cake topper and I not only had […]

cakes with lace2

Cakes With Lace – Where Will You Find Your Inspiration?

On this cold blistery day, we were in the nice warm office consulting with a client on designing her cake. As she looked out and saw a patch of ice and its unique spidered cracks, it reminded her of the unique patterns of lace. Just like that, a design was born!! Check out these gorgeous […]

lulus event design_unique cake topper

to top it all off

  gone are the days of traditional cake toppers. there is such a variety of fun toppers these days, we always push for one that shows the personality of the couple. what will your’s be? check out our “adorb cake toppers” on pinterest. this topper is available on etsy.

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